ROM Procedure in Jabatan Pendaftaran Putrajaya

I am amazed you can obtain a lot of information from forum and blogs online. However, I’m amazed I’m actually a worry-freak who prepared too much for my submission of form for ROM (registration of marriage).

1. Online Forums

I’ve read about the issue of the couple born in different state; having to change I/C address etc.

I’ve read about supporting documents needed for the applicants e.g. photocopy IC of the couple, photocopy of birth cert of the couple, photocopy of the IC of the witnesses and specific sizes of photography.

I prepared all those items and headed to JPN Putrajaya in a rush one day after signing the SPA. Lol

Step-by-step guide for couples to register in JPN Putrajaya (for couples from Klang Valley):

In reality, this is what happened to me:

1. Find the venue

Beware of vague signage in Putrajaya. Preferably use GPS or just check the road map before driving.

2. Parking

The building is on your left and there is an open carpark on your right for the public. Park in the open carpark.

3. The building

The department is on Level 1. From the main entrance, head to your left and take the escalator up. You can see the big signage telling you the name of the department.

4. The submission

On your left, there is the form. Take the form and fill it in. No point printing from online and filling it first unless as a draft copy for reference. Approach the counter available/ when called to submit your form and 2 passport picture (of each person). They will request your IC for verification.

5. The selection

Then the person in charge will open a “log” book (like those hardcover log book in school days) to ask for your selected date. Choose your ROM date. He will print out a form for your copy which requires you to attend the selected date to pay the fee and get married.

As simple as that.. D’oh..



This is a very belated post which I postponed because I didn’t want to share so publicly in my other blog.

My boyfriend of many years finally proposed to me on the eve of Valentines day 2011. A big salute to him for taking the hint of proposing to me.. :p

After nagging him for sometime, we bought my engagement ring end last year. It was a small decent diamond ring about 0.3 karat and has all those mumbo jumbo certs (GIA). Mainly, he was comfortable paying for it. I actually had chemistry with another one which cost about 5k but rational me, was being considerate. No point getting big ring and a grouchy black faced fiance in the process.

How he did it?

Well, we had a nice Valentines’ day dinner on 13.2.2011 in @SocialKL, G Tower. The dinner set comprised of an entree, main course and dessert. We had drinks separately and it being Valentine’s Day – a free single rose and a photograph taken. Actually, I felt during the whole dinner, he was acting kind of strange a little nervous. Later did I realised he had sneakily took my ring from my room and hid it in his pocket!

At the end of our dinner, he shyly bended on one knee next to our table and took out the ring to propose to me. I thought of torturing him further but was also a little embarrass with attention, so I said yes quickly. Lol

Should have tortured him further but I did make him reenact the scene a little to be photographed later. 😉

Next morning, he suspiciously left me to go somewhere.. which turned out to be a bouquet of roses delivered to where we were… Awww… but he spoilt the moment by saying “If I knew there was a rose given during dinner, I would not have bought any.” *knock* his head.

In the end, it might not be as romantic as some of my other friends but he did proposed to me when I least expected. (OKlaa.. I did hint to him many times.. but never expected him to do it so.. lol)

And that was then, the next chapter came unexpectedly as his normal style…



Book Collection

I’m an avid reader who loves her book dearly. Unfortunately, one day the termite attacked some of my books. In addition to that, moisture sauteed my precious books.

Hence, I’ve decided to buy books and read them. But then immediately sell it off because there is no point keeping it no matter how much I love it. Pests and nature will spoil the crisp new white pages.

Do drop a message if you are interested in any of these books. I’m letting go these books at a discount. All are new and only read once; unless stated otherwise.

Little Black Dress Book

rules of gentility

Title: The Rules of Gentility
Author: Janet Mullany
Price : RM14
MPH Price: RM21.90
Condition: Paperback. Brand new. Just bought a few days back.


Regency heiress Philomena Wellesley-Clegg has rather strong opinions about men and clothing. As to the former, so far two lords, a viscount, and a mad poet have fallen far short of her expectations. But she is about to meet Inigo Linsley, an unshaven, wickedly handsome man with a scandalous secret. He’s nothing she ever dreamed she’d want—why then can she not stop thinking about how he looks in his breeches?

A delightful marriage of Pride and Prejudice with Bridget Jones’s Diary, Janet Mullany’s The Rules of Gentility transports us to the days before designer shoes, apple martinis, and speed dating—when great bonnets, punch at Almack’s, and the marriage mart were in fashion—and captivates us with a winsome heroine who learns that some rules in society are made to be broken.

My take: This is the first LBD book I read and I chose a historical romance type because I am a fan of Regency books. It is interesting but lacks the style I’m normally used to in Regency. Somehow, the description is not in depth enough to create a deeper impression of the heroine. I wonder how the author’s second book will be like. I will review it when I’m done reading it. Overall, it’s a book I would read once. 🙂

Hello world!

Piggy has landed in WordPress from blogspot!

I’ve grown tired of trying to upload my pictures for 2 nights in a row with blogspot lagging/ hanging. Hence, perhaps, this will be a trial run before Piggy migrates the kingdom of Piggilot here. 😉