ROM Procedure in Jabatan Pendaftaran Putrajaya

I am amazed you can obtain a lot of information from forum and blogs online. However, I’m amazed I’m actually a worry-freak who prepared too much for my submission of form for ROM (registration of marriage).

1. Online Forums

I’ve read about the issue of the couple born in different state; having to change I/C address etc.

I’ve read about supporting documents needed for the applicants e.g. photocopy IC of the couple, photocopy of birth cert of the couple, photocopy of the IC of the witnesses and specific sizes of photography.

I prepared all those items and headed to JPN Putrajaya in a rush one day after signing the SPA. Lol

Step-by-step guide for couples to register in JPN Putrajaya (for couples from Klang Valley):

In reality, this is what happened to me:

1. Find the venue

Beware of vague signage in Putrajaya. Preferably use GPS or just check the road map before driving.

2. Parking

The building is on your left and there is an open carpark on your right for the public. Park in the open carpark.

3. The building

The department is on Level 1. From the main entrance, head to your left and take the escalator up. You can see the big signage telling you the name of the department.

4. The submission

On your left, there is the form. Take the form and fill it in. No point printing from online and filling it first unless as a draft copy for reference. Approach the counter available/ when called to submit your form and 2 passport picture (of each person). They will request your IC for verification.

5. The selection

Then the person in charge will open a “log” book (like those hardcover log book in school days) to ask for your selected date. Choose your ROM date. He will print out a form for your copy which requires you to attend the selected date to pay the fee and get married.

As simple as that.. D’oh..


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